Good Luck!

Jay just got a dream job, and gets to leave Mass, too.  Yes, I’m a bit jealous.

News here:

Good luck!

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Connecticut: We NEED You in Hartford on Monday

If you live in CT, you need to head to Hartford tomorrow!

Make your voice heard with your state legislators

This is an important reminder to join the National Shooting Sports Foundation, National Rifle Association, Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen and Connecticut Citizens Defense League for Lobby Day in Hartford on Monday.

More info here:




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Great post by Michael Z. Williamson.

Go read it now! The Post in Which I Piss Off EVERYBODY.


Then they came for the pornographers, rebels and dissenters and their speech and flag burning, and I spoke up, because rights are not only for the establishment.

Then they came for the gun owners, and you liberal shitbags threw me under the bus, even though I’d done nothing wrong.  So when they come to put you on the train, you can fucking choke and die.

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Short study on Firearms ownership, laws, and homicide rates

I’m not surprised with the findings.  I’ll quote the first sentence from the abstract:

The  murder  rate  across  the  50  US states  is  not  statistically  reliably  related  to

Paper is located here:  The stated objective:

To examine  the  relations  of murder  rates  across  the  50  US states.  gun  control  laws, firearm  ownership,  storage  of firearm  information,  and  population  density  using  publicly available  data  and  simple, individually  reproducible  and  verifiable  analysis  methods.  To  then examine  the  relations  for what  conclusions  can  be  drawn  from  those  results  and  what  they  mean to  the  debate  on  firearm regulation.

Go read the paper.  As of today it has had only 30 reads…..  I’ll provide one snippet from the paper:


Don’t Neglect Cold Weather Practice

Now that it is winter, please take some time at an outdoor range shooting your favorite firearm while wearing gloves.  Those warm gloves you picked up on sale last summer may not work very will with your Ruger LCP!  You can always switch to a more “tactical” set.  LA Police Gear has a good selection.

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Candles are not very safe . . .

2012/01/08 2 comments

Two Smith & Wessons.

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Being Prepared: Trauma Pack with QuikClot

2012/01/03 1 comment

Do you have them in your car/range bag/bug-out-bag?   Minimal contents, but it may keep someone alive until help arrives.

I do find it interesting that Amazon offers it in their Subscribe & Save program….

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Welcome to a new blogger!

AKgrrrl located in Alaska.

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Compact 9mms

2011/12/28 1 comment

I got to try three compact 9mms yesterday during a range trip  with Jay G.  In addition to my S&W 908S*, I tried a Ruger SR9c and a S&W M&P 9c.  I really, really, really wanted to like the M&P 9c…but the MAss compliant trigger really bugged me.  Yeah, I know, for a few bucks APEX will be glad to help you solve that issue, but the SR9c was so good out of the box, why bother with the M&P?   One can get the SR9c for about $70 cheaper than the 9c.

Bottom line:  my 908s is a bit slimmer, and goes bang when I pull the trigger.  I’ll keep it.

However, I am still looking for a full-size 9mm USPSA production gun for Steel Challenge……

* (That review by Markos is one of the reasons I grabbed a new one from the last production run.)

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I love elegant, cheap tools . . .

Making preparations for a trip to the range with Jay G.  I have been using one of these:

to get ready.

Don’t know what it is?  Info here.

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