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Compact 9mms

2011/12/28 1 comment

I got to try three compact 9mms yesterday during a range trip  with Jay G.  In addition to my S&W 908S*, I tried a Ruger SR9c and a S&W M&P 9c.  I really, really, really wanted to like the M&P 9c…but the MAss compliant trigger really bugged me.  Yeah, I know, for a few bucks APEX will be glad to help you solve that issue, but the SR9c was so good out of the box, why bother with the M&P?   One can get the SR9c for about $70 cheaper than the 9c.

Bottom line:  my 908s is a bit slimmer, and goes bang when I pull the trigger.  I’ll keep it.

However, I am still looking for a full-size 9mm USPSA production gun for Steel Challenge……

* (That review by Markos is one of the reasons I grabbed a new one from the last production run.)

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I love elegant, cheap tools . . .

Making preparations for a trip to the range with Jay G.  I have been using one of these:

to get ready.

Don’t know what it is?  Info here.

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Jay’s New T-Shirt

2011/11/01 1 comment

Yes, indeed, I’ll attest to Jay’s “Minute of Berm” accuracy.

Although I’ll note it needs to be a BIG berm…

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Hey, I made it to The Gun Blog Black List

Not sure how or why I deserve to be on the Gun Blog Black List, given I’m too lazy busy to post very often but I won’t complain.

I’ll add a link in my sidebar when I get around to it.

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Self Defense

VERY VERY good post on self-defense from Brigid.  Go Read NOW.

What Lies in Wait – Lessons in Self Defense

The thought of physical threats is never a pleasant one. Some people would just as soon close the blinds and pretend the danger does not exist. But you only have to look at a few law enforcement blotters and missing persons reports to get you thinking about the dangers that women carry with them, the dangers that men bear just by walking on a predator’s turf.

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Two confessions . . .

Time to come clean:

1.  I don’t shoot enough.  Range trips are few and far between these days…..

2.  And when I do go, I shoot the cheapest ammo I can buy at my local merchant (no mail order ammo in Mass…).

So not only do I need to increase the number of rounds sent downrange, I need to pony up some bucks for  more  “carry ammo” and higher-quality .22.

But it needs to be done, especially the carry ammo.  WWB 45ACP is tamer than Hornady .45 Auto+P 230 gr HP XTP® TAP® FPD™ (835 fps vs 950 fps, which is about 14% higher, and the muzzle energy is about 29% higher….).

Train like you fight, fight like you train.

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