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Article on MIT Women’s Pistol Team article on the MIT Women’s Pistol Team.

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More than legal issues in Massachusetts

There have been many words written on the legal issues surrounding gun ownership in Massachusetts.  Jay G has many posts on Gun Rights, many of them dealing with Mass.  Even Tam has posted about it.

However, there are other non-legal issues surrounding gun ownership in Mass.  The dreaded social stigma of gun ownership.  When to tell kids about guns…..remembering to sit with your back to the wall at Charbucks so you can surf Jay’s blog with his famous Friday Gun Pr0n filling the screen.  Reading your Midway USA flier behind closed doors.

Folks living in other states have a hard time understanding. published some stats on gun ownership back in 2009.  Go read, then hit the back button.

Grim, aren’t they?  Remember TJIC?  TJIC lives in Arlington, population 40,993.  Arlington issued only 849 licenses of all types (including licenses for pepper spray).  Wikipedia shows Arlington had about 19K housing units in 2000.  Assuming one license per household, at most 4.4% of households could legally own a firearm.  Overall US stats from Wikipedia estimate 40% of households own at least one firearm.


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