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Compact 9mms

I got to try three compact 9mms yesterday during a range trip  with Jay G.  In addition to my S&W 908S*, I tried a Ruger SR9c and a S&W M&P 9c.  I really, really, really wanted to like the M&P 9c…but the MAss compliant trigger really bugged me.  Yeah, I know, for a few bucks APEX will be glad to help you solve that issue, but the SR9c was so good out of the box, why bother with the M&P?   One can get the SR9c for about $70 cheaper than the 9c.

Bottom line:  my 908s is a bit slimmer, and goes bang when I pull the trigger.  I’ll keep it.

However, I am still looking for a full-size 9mm USPSA production gun for Steel Challenge……

* (That review by Markos is one of the reasons I grabbed a new one from the last production run.)

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  1. tooldtowork
    2013/01/06 at 15:12

    I had a M&P9c and sold it to fund the purchase of a S&W 3913. I found that any of my 3rd generation Smiths shot better and surprisingly (or maybe not) was lighter and more compact than the compact M&P. The Shield might match a 3rd gen, but even if I could find one, I’d rather put the money into another 3rd gen.

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