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Being Prepared: Trauma Pack with QuikClot

Do you have them in your car/range bag/bug-out-bag?   Minimal contents, but it may keep someone alive until help arrives.

I do find it interesting that Amazon offers it in their Subscribe & Save program….

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  1. tooldtowork
    2013/01/06 at 15:10

    This topic comes up frequently, but from my experience and looking at the demographics of gun club members that I’ve seen, learning CPR is probably the most cost effective first measure that you can take. Every club should have an AED, but convincing the people who run them to do that is almost impossible.

    I know you’re not thinking only about the range, but except for Chicago, I’d venture that far more rounds are fired at ranges than anywhere else.

    At my club I’ve been there when the following have happened.

    A member (and close friend) ran a circular saw across two fingers. He almost lost them.

    A member at a meeting had a heart attack.

    Neither of those involved shooting, but both happened at club sponsored events.

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