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Good Luck!

Jay just got a dream job, and gets to leave Mass, too.  Yes, I’m a bit jealous.

News here:

Good luck!

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Candles are not very safe . . .

2012/01/08 2 comments

Two Smith & Wessons.

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Welcome to a new blogger!

AKgrrrl located in Alaska.

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Jay’s New T-Shirt

2011/11/01 1 comment

Yes, indeed, I’ll attest to Jay’s “Minute of Berm” accuracy.

Although I’ll note it needs to be a BIG berm…

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Hey, I made it to The Gun Blog Black List

Not sure how or why I deserve to be on the Gun Blog Black List, given I’m too lazy busy to post very often but I won’t complain.

I’ll add a link in my sidebar when I get around to it.

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